11 types Of imcome

India's one of the largest direct-selling or network marketing-based company. Being a new venture, we are making a strong network of salespeople associated with the company in India itself. sells its products directly to its consumers through a chain of consumers (a common process in network marketing). It has a clear vision with a proven plan to be the biggest network marketing company in India and around the globe, The company has multiple products in its portfolio, covering almost every segment related to healthcare, daily lifestyle, cosmetic products and providing all these products at very competitive rates with a unique competitive rates with a unique offering related to free products

S.no Name Percentage
1 Retails Profit 20 - 50%
2 . .
3 Cashback 10%
4 Performance Bonus 25%
5 Travel Fund 10%
6 Leadership 15%
7 Car Fund 10%
8 House Fund 8%
9 Nesberry Global fund 5%
10 Franchise Income 2%
11 Naseberry nominee Fund 2%